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Atlanta, Georgia Interiorscape Tropical & Foliage Lease/Rentals, Plantscaping & Maintenance Services Company

Hand selecting only the best interior tropical plants from Florida, California and Hawaii, life on earth seeks to improve the environments in office buildings, office spaces, living spaces, hotels, shopping malls, retirement communities, hospitals and nursing homes, as well as government buildings.  By using only premium foliage, plantscapes designed by life on earth retain their lush presentation and allows the foliage to best perform nature’s task of filtering and conditioning the air at your location.  When it comes to interior landscaping the choice for property managers, facilities managers and building owners is easy.  They look no further than to life on earth to provide well designed plantscapes along with competent and consistent maintenance services.  Today’s modern office spaces are designed to be comfortable and well lit to provide positive and motivating working environments to best suit all employees.  Live interior plants have become an absolute necessity to complete a “green” healthy environment in today's energy efficient office buildings.  When you are planning decor for a luxury or moderate hotel, extended stay hotel suites, residence inns, retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living homes, or hospitals, you already know that tropical plants will be part of your decor.  life on earth has experience working with architects and interior designers to create a living space that really comes alive! Since 1986, life on earth has been providing quality tropical plant services to buildings, hotels, restaurants and office spaces in metro Atlanta.  Our award winning experience in plant design and maintenance has placed us among the top companies in our area. Today, just as our plants do, our business continues to grow. As one of the city’s top interiorscapers, life on earth can deliver, arrange and maintain fresh poinsettias.  They are available in traditional red, white, pink and any unique colors and varieties that are new to the annual holiday season.  Serving the Greater Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.